‘Welcome to our Islands’… Olympic Holidays Launch Turn of Year Campaign

Olympic Holidays Welcome to our Islands

‘Welcome to our Islands’

Olympic Holidays, the UK’s leading tour operator to Greece & Cyprus and with over 50 years of island travel expertise isthrilled to announce details of their NEW multiplatform, turn of year #WelcomeToOurIslands campaign. Ever evolving and with the brand growing in confidence and consumer recognition over the last few years, Olympic’s campaigns have progressed from ‘Island Time’, ‘Made for you’ and ‘My Olympic Island’ to the 2019, ‘Welcome to our Islands’.

The campaign consists of three new pieces of artwork and accompanying straplines to communicate the ‘Welcome to our islands’ story along with a 30 second cinema advert giving an insight into the family island-hopping experience. Olympic’s out of home advertising campaign will be rolled out across bill boards, buses and trains in all major cities across the UK.

“We wanted the 2019 campaign to focus on Olympic’s heritage and insider knowledge and to highlight the three pillars that define the new Olympic brand: Tradition, Island-Hopping and Family. To create something provocative and cheeky – something to really make people think” comments Carl Catterall, Head of Marketing & Communications for Olympic Holidays. “The overall aim of the new campaign and targeting is for us to showcase the new Olympic to a fresh audience in key destinations around the UK. We want to highlight the quality of Olympic’s newly refined portfolio, one that is packed with properties that are unique to the brand and which differentiate us from our competitors” he continued.

On the 28th December 2018, Olympic Holidays will launch their inaugural cinema advertising campaign in conjunction with Mary Poppins Returns with the aim of reaching a new, family focused audience. Olympic Holidays have been working with TV Presenter Katy Hill and her family on the advert, which gives a taster of one of their family focused island-hopping experiences around Rhodes, Kos & Symi. The advert will be shown in 64 cinemas around the UK in key regional hot-spots including the Odeon, Leicester Square and showcases the wonder, simplicity, excitement and beauty of the Greek Islands and the effortlessness and delight that is island-hopping around them.

Straplines across the new artwork include ‘Same old, Same old?’ suggesting that Olympic can add a fresh twist and new perspective on the traditional Greek holiday. ‘Seen one, seen them all’ plays on their new island-hopping experiences and how each Greek island has its own unique personality so sometimes one just isn’t enough, and ‘We’ll have you squabbling all week long’, a message to celebrate Olympic’s new focus and emphasis on the family market.

For further information on Olympic Holidays’ new Island-Hopping itineraries, Gold Collection properties, family experiences and more visit www.olympicholidays.com