The One Airport Service That’s a Total Life-Changer

One Airport Secret No One Knows About

Going to the airport should be the start of any holiday, or at least a relaxed experience for the business traveller.

So why can it be such a stressful, arduous process?

Airport Sign

Well it doesn’t need to be with this one service many are not aware of.

The perks of 1st class travel, or for Executive Card Holders are numerous, but beyond that fully-stocked, stylish lounge there is the privilege of private check-in desks, fast-tracked security lanes and even having your bags picked up from your front door for you. So the benefits rest on little to no queuing, no trolley pushing and priority boarding.

But what if you want that same VIP First class treatment but hold an economy ticket?

You can add optional extras to your trip through the airport website, such as valet parking, access to the lounges and be baggage free with services like AirPortr, but all for extra costs, that really add up. Also you have to commit to specific time slots, and what if your travel plans change? Or your flight is delayed?

Running in Airport
Running in Airport

The service you need is Airport Concierge, and it could be the absolute game-changer to your travel experience. For a reassuringly Down-to-Earth price a professional and friendly staff member will:

  • Meet you upon airport arrival, even at the airport train station
  • Escort you via buggy to the right terminal and check in desk
  • Waft you through Priority Check In (even with your Economy Ticket)
  • Fast Track you through security
  • Arrange a table at any restaurant of your choice
  • Keep any duty-free shopping safe for you
  • Meet you at a specific time and escort you to the gate, (no anxious clock watching, tannoy listening or baffled screen checking)
  • Upon landing you will be met at the door of the plane and again swiftly guide you through customs
  • Pick up your bags for you from the carousel
  • And assist you in your onward travel. That stretches to arranging hotel accommodation, car hire, taxi arrangement, restaurant recommendations, locating your car or further lounge access if you are awaiting another flight.

From as little as £90 for a family of four… what’s not to love? All that saved time, reduced anxiety, child entertaining through queuing, skipped completely. Perfect also for teenagers travelling solo or older family members who find airports daunting.

Companies to check out include Gatwick First, Heathrow VIP and Diamond Air International for quotes and more information. But many other airports offer this service too and may come with airport lounge access. Some credit card companies such as MasterCard and American Express also have discounts on these services.

Also don’t waste time at security by not doing a little bit of organising beforehand: leave jewellery, phone, coins, keys and your belt in your carry-on bag, empty pockets beforehand and have your clear plastic bag already filled with your essential 100ml liquids.

Really fancy just adding an airport lounge to your travel experience? These can be booked beforehand through the airport website, gaining you access to complementary food, drinks, reading materials, showers and even spa treatments. Travel Supermarket has offers for as little as £20, so do input the relevant information beforehand.

Bon Voyage!


Word of warning: in travel news recently there have been a spate of disreputable companies organising their own version of airport parking. Taking your car for a ride or not even parking at at the airport. Make sure you use official airport parking, and take advantage of any offers through the airport website.

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