Skiathos Hiking Holidays with Santikos Collection

Hiking in Skiathos Island offers you scenic trails that allows you to discover and explore the land from another perspective.

Santikos Collection are keen to promote the fact there is more to the island of Skiathos than fly and flop holidays. There are award winning beaches, historical monuments, monastery’s and 100’s of kilometres of wild hiking trails that will help you to discover it all. They have pulled together four recommended hikes for their guests but if you’re feeling wild, just start wandering, it’s an islands after all and you can just get the circular bus home. if you’d prefer a guided walk prices start from €18pp.

The options range from 1.5hr walks to 12km hikes and suit every level of walker.

Route 1. Aggistros

Difficulty level: easy

Duration: 11km – 3.5 h

Guided Walk Starting time/point: 09:30 /bus stop 23

A hiking gem of Skiathos Island, the route begins with a short walk to the dirt road on Trakylomandra. Continue by hiking downhill into the woods at the beaches of Agistra and Elia (see below), where you can enjoy the first stop for swimming and a picnic on the sandy beach. On your way back you cross a stunning path with pine trees and your reward for climbing back to the top is the amazing panoramic views across the Agean.

Agistros Skiathos
Agistros Skiathos

Route 2. Kounistria

Difficulty level: medium

Duration: 12km 4 h

Guided Walk Starting time/point: 09:30 bus stop 16

This route is one of the most beautiful paths on the island, amazing natural scenery and eco diversity throughout the forest. Following the dirt road to Elatos and Kounistra Monastery we recommend you enjoy a traditional Greek coffee on your first stop after approx. one hour of hiking. The scenery along the way to the Monastery of Ag. Giannis and then down to the stream of Ligares is stunning. On your way to the Achela stream you’ll cross the dirt road to Ag. Paraskevi, where you can take advantage of a visit to the islands renowned donkey sanctuary.

Greek Coffee
Greek Coffee

Route 3. Castle

Difficulty level: medium

Duration: 8km 3h

Guided Walk starting time/point: 09:00 Monastery of Evangelistria

Before you start walking explore Evaggelistrias Monastery where the guided walk will start. Then hiking the path to the Mon. Charalambos before you continue on the old path to the Castle near Kastro. After visiting the historic Castle, you should head down to Kastro Beach for a cooling swim. Then return with Caiki ( A traditional Greek boat), passing the turquoise waters of Lalaria Beach.

(The cost of Caiki is 10 € per person, or bus at 50€ per 8 pax).


Evangelistra Monastery
Evangelistra Monastery

Route 4 Koukounaries

Difficulty level: Easy

Duration: 1,5 h

Starting time/point: 09:00 bus stop23

Walking for approx 1,5h to Koukounaries beach you’ll follow the historic donkey trails and discover the 1,000’s of herbs on Skiathos island. You will be able to enjoy the beach and crystal waters of Koukounaries beach before a short walk back to the hotel. Perfect for those looking to explore a little without committing to putting on their hiking boots.