Peel+Williams and The Power of Celebrity Alliance on

We recently spoke to Leo Bear when she asked us for our opinion on the power of a strong, suitable and well planned celebrity alliance of which you can read her fantastic article on’s brilliant Click page. It features some very wise tips for hoteliers or any brand looking to utilise the reach of a celebrity or personality to boost the awareness and reputation of their business.

Helen Glover
Helen Glover

We chatted about why the name doesn’t have to be global or hollywood or even have to have 1million followers. A well planned campaign with the right personality fit for the target audience is essential and the results can be surprising.

According to Jonathan Williams, you don’t need to book a big name, it’s more about fit. “We picked Helen because our target audience is young families and multi-generational travel. Helen is an athlete, a mum and a huge advocate of healthy living. She embodies the target audience so much, that even people that didn’t know who she was were able to appreciate the message.”

We also spoke of the importance of protecting yourself, planning well ahead and ensuring everything is contracted out.

His tips for other hoteliers looking to go down the celebrity road? “Firstly, create a detailed contract. Don’t assume the celebrity will be happy to go above and beyond what is agreed. Secondly, agents can be very controlling. Keep in mind that they have their own agenda. Outline what you want from the start to avoid risk of disagreement. Thirdly, do your research and make sure you are aware of any other campaigns the celebrity is currently working on (and has worked on in the past) in case it conflicts with yours. And remember, celebrities are in hot demand, so make sure you set your dates in stone.”

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