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Influencer Led Experiences via #LifeAtFairways

If you are anything like us, so often you arrive at your destination and then you wonder what you are going to for the week. You got there safely, that was the hard bit and now you can relax… but we are not the type of people that can sit on a beach or by the pool all day. We need inspiration, experiences and activity. This is where #LifeAtFairways comes in.

One thing we have helped Four Seasons Fairways develop is their recently launched #LifeAtFairways campaign. The purpose of which is to tell a story, through the eyes of influencers and its guests. Secondly it is building up a catalogue of all the wonderful lifestyle activities, locations, restaurants and people that make Fairways and Quinta Do Lago such a magical place.

Susan Schwartz at Four Seasons Fairways
Susan Schwartz outside Four Seasons Fairways

The first influencer was Susan Schwartz, the brains behind the wonderful Best Bits Worldwide. Susan enjoyed a break to Quinta Do Lago and filled her time with activities of her choice and she documented her trip for us all to see on her blog.

Each day for the last month we have seen one of her beautiful shots appear on the Four Seasons Fairways Instagram account under the #LifeAtFairways campaign and today they showcased her #LifeAtFairways story (see video below).

Watch for yourself to see just some of the possibilities that lie ahead on a stay with Four Seasons Fairways.

Read more about Four Seasons Fairways here.

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