The Mixed Use Hospitality Brand Leading the Technical Revolution

Cloud 7 Hotel Ataköy Kerten Hospitality

Kerten Hospitality is a division of Ireland-based Kerten, a private and independent investment firm dedicated to creating value and profitable growth. The company is committed to being a part of and developing the future of hospitality with forward-thinking and innovative ideas and creating concepts that will become a hub for travellers, residents, adventure enthusiasts, and people at work alike.

Their focus leans on mixed-use projects with Kerten Hospitality believing it is possible to live, work, and play in harmony with the environment. They address all projects with a boutique mindset and new ways of management; size doesn’t matter, creative spirit does.

Marloes Knippenberg, Kerten Hospitality CEO
Marloes Knippenberg, Kerten Hospitality CEO

Who is Marloes Knippenberg?

The Chief Executive Officer of Kerten Hospitality, Marloes Knippenberg, has an innovative mindset that has helped span the organization’s operational and pipeline portfolio to new heights and geographies in Los Angeles, the Middle East, CEE, the Mediterranean, moving further east to get to the west. Her journey in the hospitality field started with Hilton where Marloes held senior operational and commercial management positions for over a decade. At the helm of Kerten Hospitality, which she developed and launched with the backing of Kerten, Ireland-based investment vehicle, Marloes demonstrates the added value that mixed-use, tailored hospitality solutions and personalized approaches deliver. Inspired by the notion that technology and hospitality go hand in hand, her Disruptive Innovation vision has not only been adopted at Kerten Hospitality but she continuously pioneers it across the larger ecosystem with the aim to establish an industry platform where technology, hospitality and sustainability coexist and evolve for the benefit of consumers, investors and businesses.

“The opportunities technology lends hoteliers are many…”

Who are Kerten Hospitality?

It began with just one property branded as The House Hotel which quickly grew to become a viable operational arm of its own. From there on in, Kerten Hospitality continued to build on The House Hotel brand, launched the mid-market concept Cloud7 and expanded into offering these as serviced residence options. Kerten Hospitality then entered the branded offices space with Ouspace and then into F&B with the tech-savvy burger brand Frikadell. From just one hotel, they are now positioned as a global operator of mixed-use projects which they believe differentiates them from others in the field.

Baker&Spice Kerten Hospitality
Baker&Spice Kerten Hospitality

Knippenberg comments, “We are looking for projects and developments where we can operate either new-build or conversion venues, where we can take on the entire space or plug and play. The latter is a nod to our different brands which can be easily slotted in to existing spaces where, for example, a certain floor or unit is not working for the owner. Developers are increasingly starting to understand that the world is changing – it’s not just about being the biggest. What is essential now is that they have projects that can be tailored to every location and community – we offer that and want to work with developers who want to future proof their projects.”

On the topic of technologies that impact the hospitality industry, Marloes shares what opportunities she believes technology allows niche brand operators such as Kerten Hospitality. “I would say that the availability of technology in the hospitality industry is allowing niche brand operators, quite specifically, to serve their guests better. The hospitality sector is currently grappling with the issue of saving costs; however, the use of technology such as artificial intelligence fits into this movement and can help streamline processes, provide valuable insights into the needs and wants of guests, and optimise experiences. Essentially, technology, if used correctly, can drive the new wave of responsive, guest-centric hospitality – more so than ever before – while still remaining mindful of operating costs.

Early adoption is essential. The opportunities technology lends hoteliers are many, and the fast-paced changes in the tech world will continue to drive new business, but it really is up to us as an industry to keep an open mind.

The House Hotel Karaköy- Kerten Hospitality
The House Hotel Karaköy- Kerten Hospitality

As a leader in the mixed-use space, we pioneer disruptive innovation in the hospitality landscape because we have embraced the idea that tomorrows guest experiences are about thinking global and acting local when delivering hyper-customized services. Agility, innovation and a disruptive mindset are the engines for the evolutionary industry changes. The vital link between technology and hospitality helps create experiences, comfort and loyal guests, which brings forth further disruption.

It’s not necessarily that technology by itself is the foundation of what’s going to drive guests into our businesses but it’s the technology that we use to deliver the hospitality that will bring them through our doors.”