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Skiathos Hiking Holidays with Santikos Collection

17th May 2019

Hiking in Skiathos Island offers you scenic trails that allows you to discover and explore the land from another perspective. Santikos Collection are keen to promote the fact there is more to the island of Skiathos than fly and flop holidays. There are award winning beaches, historical monuments, monastery’s and 100’s of kilometres of wild […]

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Peel+Williams and The Power of Celebrity Alliance on

29th April 2019

We recently spoke to Leo Bear when she asked us for our opinion on the power of a strong, suitable and well planned celebrity alliance of which you can read her fantastic article on’s brilliant Click page. It features some very wise tips for hoteliers or any brand looking to utilise the reach of a celebrity […]

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We Launched our own Magazine

5th April 2019

In an attempt to stand out in a crowded market we launched INSPIRE. to help give our clients a greater chance of success. Journalists receive hundreds of emails a day and the simple fact is they just don’t have enough time to read them all and those they do read certainly don’t get read all […]

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Tips for a Successful Influencer Strategy

20th March 2019

Influencers. We’ve all heard the word and think we know what it means. We also know how important influencers can be in developing brand awareness and how crucial you brands influencer relationships are, but just how exactly do you find the right influencers for your brand and how do you go a bout working with them? And more than […]

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Cloud 7 Hotel Ataköy Kerten Hospitality

The Mixed Use Hospitality Brand Leading the Technical Revolution

19th March 2019

Kerten Hospitality is a division of Ireland-based Kerten, a private and independent investment firm dedicated to creating value and profitable growth. The company is committed to being a part of and developing the future of hospitality with forward-thinking and innovative ideas and creating concepts that will become a hub for travellers, residents, adventure enthusiasts, and people […]

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5 Steps for taking your Dog Abroad

19th March 2019

No one wants to put their dog in boarding kennels when they go on holiday. Especially when so many fantastic dog-friendly accommodation options have exploded across Europe. From glamping right up to 5 star hotels, there are holiday options and budgets for everyone with dogs these days. Italy, France and Holland have all been voted […]

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Minerva Tutors and Santikos Collection

Guilt Free Holidays with Minerva Tutors and Santikos Collection

30th January 2019

Santikos Collection is thrilled to announce a partnership with Minerva, one of London’s top tutoring companies, to offer their younger clientele a chance to take part in online tutoring sessions throughout the 2019 season. Whether exams are looming, resits are needed or you’re prepping for an assessment, scholarship or university planning, Minerva covers all bases. They’re […]

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Lucy Kent Painting in Skiathos

Case Study: Artist in Residence

9th August 2017

PR Case Study: Skiathos Artists in Residence The Skiathos Princess Hotel wanted a campaign that would attract a creative audience, something that would offer their guests an added value activity and would create some social media buzz. We launched the Artist in Residence. With such a beautiful island the path towards art was chosen and […]

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Hotel Swimming Pool

It’s What We Do…

21st July 2017

A PR Agency Creating Inspirational Campaigns for Aspirational Brands Peel+Williams design campaigns that are tailored to your needs, achieve accountable results and position your brand right where you want it. They are a PR agency who embed themselves into your business and act more as a communications partner, invested in your success and always there as […]

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One Airport Secret No One Knows About

The One Airport Service That’s a Total Life-Changer

19th May 2017

Going to the airport should be the start of any holiday, or at least a relaxed experience for the business traveller. So why can it be such a stressful, arduous process? Well it doesn’t need to be with this one service many are not aware of. The perks of 1st class travel, or for Executive […]

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