A New But Ancient Sardinia

One of the the Mediterranean’s most fashionable spots is Sardinia and its Costa Smeralda, attracting the glitterati to this emerald coastline as well as the 5 star resorts and Michelin-starred restaurants.

All for good reason, the island of Sardinia is a sheer beauty of turquoise waters, white sand, and picture-perfect towns and villages hosting delightful shops, beautiful churches and fantastic, local food.

Sardinia coastline
Sardinia coastline

Travel outside of the Costa Smeralda however and you are in for even more of a treat. The white sandy bays continue with their aquamarine waters, but are surrounded by a majestic rugged coastline that borders old monuments, Phoenician ruins, a National Park and the world’s tallest megalithic structures bar the pyramids.

Towns like Oristano, on the West coast, houses stunning architecture dating back to the 11th Century, there are Roman ruins in nearby Tharros, and nature and wildlife tours that can take you via bicycle through undulating aquamarine coves, under canopies of pines and over sandy paths leading to historical monuments.

Grotto del Bue Marino
Grotto del Bue Marino

Cala Gonone, on the East Coast is like a tropical version of Jurassic Park, with glittering turquoise bays of white sand and shallow waters, at the base of high tree-studded dramatic cliffs. Dotted around beneath these cliffs are breathtaking coves and grottos, many lit from the inside to show off the incredible stalactites. A diver’s paradise but also exciting for those on the tours via boat.


Cagliari, to the South, is also beautifully unspoilt and quieter to tourists than the Costa Smeralda, but has beaches that mirror those of the Caribbean. More low-lying, the beaches, such as Chia and Pula, either side of the town are long and sweep along vast green plains. It is here that you can bear witness to the unforgettable sight of pink flamingos that concentrate in the ponds around Cagliari.

Flamingos in Sardinia

Mild winters, hot summers and near perfect temperatures in early autumn and spring make this island just about idyllic in only 2 and a half hours by plane.

Where to Stay:

Is Benas Country Lodge is situated near Oristano

Hotel Brancamaria near Cala Gonone

Is Morus Relais near Pula

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